35 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #140

  1. Looks very easy so I won’t say what I think because it’ll be harder than that but definitely a kind of –g—r–h

  2. I see pearly white teeth, a face that looks like lace, and skin that can be velveteen! Also the little pegs just at the front of the palatte let me know that it’s my favorite animal! I have 3 wee ones in my home, fortunately all neutered & spayed or else I’d quickly be up to my ears with them…

  3. 4 incisors, and a diastema, so not a rodent, but perhaps something that could be confused for one. Its been sectioned, so we can’t see the base of the skull, which is awkward (but probably why you chose it). Someone’s sliced through the top too.

    Could it be an Ochotonid?

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