Friday mystery object #421

This week I have another genuine mystery object for you to have a go at identiftying, uncovered during an archaeological dig by  Irish Archaeological Consultancy:

Any idea what it might be? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts!

15 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #421

  1. It is clearly the distal end of a mammalian humerus, It is large, has a deep olecranon fossa and no entepicondylar foramen and yet the shaft seems to slender and the distal end too shallow to be an ungulate. I’m going with ursid, and given its locality, I’d guess Ursus arctos.

  2. Large mammal humerus, given the spiral – the head looks more humerus than femur, and femurs are often straighter, no? Might even be human, given the size. But Paolo might not have put up a human bone for id. So maybe bear.

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