Friday mystery object #52

I was getting excited about this being the first anniversary of the Friday mystery object, but I just realised that will be next week with number 53 (and I have something made of awesome lined up for that). Instead I will see my first year of mystery objects out with something hastily chosen from some old images I had on my hard drive, because my USB memory stick let me down. Don’t get me wrong though, this is an elegant structure that is deceptively simple and is worthy of mystery object status. So here it is:

So, do you have any idea what this is?

As usual you can put your suggestions, thoughts and questions (and random guesses) below and I will do my best to answer. Good luck!

51 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #52

  1. I was going to say an ear-bone that had been turned into a whistle. The ‘Alouette’ clue – and the fact that the bone is hollow – suggests that it’s a whistle made from the long bone of a bird.

    • Aha – the ‘Alouette’ clue has misled you. This is neither a whistle nor anything made from the long bone of a bird…

      The clue is both more and less subtle than you think…

  2. I think I understand @Robert Grant’s clue but am at a loss as to how to describe what I mean as deftly as him. Did this object serve as a means of propulsion?

      • That’s a good question – I don’t think it was actually used as a tool at all and it may possibly just have the string to help mount it on the specimen it originaly came from, although I’m sure it could have quite a few uses in this form (to which I must proclaim ignorance).

  3. Wow, I’m out all day and the game is still on, the only one who got having been so subtle. Too subtle for me …
    But is it used in a game? We have learned it is not a whistle but is it a cup of some kind? For catching tiddled winks or winked tiddles, whichever way round it is? Or shaking dice?

  4. OK, having looked at the very astute Mr Grant’s reply again, I note he took care to add the second line. I had been thinking along the lines that alouette can mean either lark or game bird generally, therefore this was something associated with a game or with hunting birds, but now I’m wondering – is it to do with plucking? I think that would fit a thumb?
    Is it a plectrum used to play a musical instrument?

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