28 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #337

  1. Budding hydra on a sponge (bleached).

    No, scratch that: sausage-inna- bun.

    OK, no: invasive crab lip parasitical crustacean isolated.

    I’ve got it! Sneak preview of Ridley Scott’s vision for the XVIIth Alien/Prometheus film.

    (Unless it’s a carefully dissected cancerous heart-of-mouse…)

  2. It’s Groot! 🙂 Love the tiny “face”” on it! It’s hard to see on a specimen if it’s naturally shiny – if it’s plant, animal, or mineral…but at first glance it looks vaguely like a member of the Dacrymycetaceae family.

    • Since Paolo said it’s zoological, I’m avoiding fungi for now, tempting though that guess is. Slime moulds, on the other hand, may be fair game, although I’m not sure how large they grow. 🙂

    • Oooooh.

      Someone who knows their stuff!

      I shall hush from now on* and read rather than play the jester. (Heads off to look for google** images of salivary glands and hopes they won’t prove NSFW.)


      **duckduckgo actually.

  3. Is it a wax model ?
    I went to the compared anatomy gallery of the Muséum in Paris to get some inspiration but I didn’t find anything resembling. Could it be a fish pyloric cecum ?

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