Bonus mystery object

I usually offer up a mystery object on Friday, but here’ a bonus object that landed on my desk this morning.


Apparently it was found in a horsefield in Kent, I have narrowed down the likely species of the animal that ‘donated’ the bone to a couple of options, but thought you might like to have a go as well, before the specimen is handed over to our Anthropologists to inspect the engraved designs.

As usual can can leave your comments below. Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Bonus mystery object

  1. What you have there is a tibia of a lamb, I reckon, someone’s Sunday roast, only someone’s been and gorn and lummocked all over it.

  2. Hmmm. That appears to be the leg bone of a bovine creature, and judging from the markings, I’d estimate it dates to around the year 1250.

    …or perhaps the only archaeological work I’ve done has been a dig in my own navel! Ha-ha! 😀

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