12 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #229

  1. Ah, no it doesn’t, so I’ll just so it. It’s a x-section horizontally through a skull. The bit middle left is the palate, the sticky out bits are the zygomatic arch. Not sure what, though. Wolf ?

  2. What a very peculiar specimen. It looks like the top of the cranium of a particularly ill-used cow, with the bases of both horncores, photographed from underneath. Unless it’s the nadgering-piece of a late eighteenth century Gloucestershire grummet-tinker’s scrode.

    • I can see where you’re coming from, and there is definitely an element of something seen from a different perspective here. It may have been used as a nadgering-piece historically, but I can neither confirm nor disconfirm that information.

  3. This makes me appreciate your wonderful pictures even more! Is there a size associated with this? I need some time in the museum to even venture a guess (tho I had initial idea until I read everyone’s posts, but am now very insecure…)

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