Friday mystery object #130

This week I have something from the Horniman’s collections that some of you will probably be able to identify straight away, whilst others may have a slightly harder time:

Any idea what it is?

Put your suggestions, comments and questions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #130

  1. I am trying to get inside this problem, but I’m a bit at sea still, perhaps Anne or Moll might have the answer.

  2. Could this hard outer casing be named in association with a distinguishing feature of certain members of the proboscids?

  3. To this non-biologist it looks like a cross between a loofah and some kind of organic clarinet. In fact at first I thought you’d raided the music collection
    and is there a reason why this is posted in homeopathy? 😉

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