Friday mystery object #118

This Friday I have a pretty straightforward mystery object for you. I was going to make it difficult by giving you an image of the specimen without the skull attached, but I am at a NatSCA meeting in Leeds today, so I probably won’t get much chance to provide clues during the day (although I will do my best).

So what is this the skeleton of?

As usual you can put your answers below (using clever clues if possible) – I will try my best to respond. Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #118

  1. Might this be something that is liable to be over-stuffed, possibly with oysters? But I’m on the train without my glasses looking at a miniscile image so I probably have the scale wrong ….

  2. It’s a mammal!
    And it’s cute and small and furry….Also, it’s famously related to another mammal that you wouldn’t expect it to, because it’s not small or furry…

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