Friday mystery object #94

This week I have a specimen from the Horniman stores for you to take a shot at identifying. It’s missing some teeth and the mandible, which might make it a bit harder than usual, but the shape is very distinctive, so I expect someone will get it pretty quickly:

As usual you can put your questions, comments and suggestions below.

Good luck!

42 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #94

  1. Hmm. Mammal obviously. The skull’s too short and deep at the front for most of the “insectivores” I can think of- so itr probably one of the ones I can’t. Its got upper incisors so it isn’t one of your more typical ungulates, and the canines look too small for most of the carnivorans too.

  2. It’s a Roman-nosed carnivore of medium-large size… Anything terrestrial of that size would have bigger canines and a more ‘elegant’ profile (science-y words, me), so I’m going to go with Metal Dave on this one, and say it’s a hooked-nosed sea pig.

  3. Assuming the hint posts are accurate (and I think they are, and the winks seem to confirm that), then I’ve had the pleasure of getting very close to one of these. When it was alive. It was a very cold experience!

  4. First impressions are usually informative, and my first impression was ‘bear’. But further inspection suggests that Dave Godfrey had it right. Definitely the hook-nosed sea pig. Get them off the coast of around here from time to time.

  5. Darn. Late to the party. I remember being pretty impressed the first time I saw one of these skulls. Not surprising that they take birds now and then.

  6. So, as others have already said, the position of the nostrils suggests something aquatic, and the teeth suggest something carnivorous.

    And, after that, well, let’s just fade to grey…

  7. Distinguishing between seals is a rather gray area of identification…..
    …… I’m really bad at these clues things…

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