Just a quick post to let everyone know that being run over by a motorbike is an unpleasant experience and I strongly recommend avoiding it. However, as always I try to make the best of these things, after all I now have a smiley face imprinted on my leg and comedy tyre-marks on my shirt – so there is an element of win there.

Happy wound inflicted by motorbike

The wry grin of a wound inflicted by motorbike

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From bad to worse

In case I don’t get the chance tomorrow, I wanted to let you all know that things look even worse than we thought. Mary is not showing signs of brain activity and there is a strong chance that the life support might be switched off soon. I will update as opportunity allows – I fly to Ireland tomorrow afternoon to be with Melissa and the rest of the family. We appreciate the messages of support that people have sent and I will pass on the goodwill to Melissa – and Mary – when I see them tomorrow.

Poor recovery = bad news

For anyone who’s reading this and who knows Mary I wanted to let you know that things aren’t going well. Although she’s stable she has been taken off most of her medication, but has not come out of the induced coma. Her organs are not showing signs of recovery and she has internal bleeding in various organs – including the brain. Things look pretty bleak. We’ll find out more tomorrow.