Just a quick post to let everyone know that being run over by a motorbike is an unpleasant experience and I strongly recommend avoiding it. However, as always I try to make the best of these things, after all I now have a smiley face imprinted on my leg and comedy tyre-marks on my shirt – so there is an element of win there.

Happy wound inflicted by motorbike

The wry grin of a wound inflicted by motorbike

Tyre marks on the shirt I was wearing

Tyre marks on the shirt I was wearing

Unsurprisingly the marks on my shirt correspond with grazes on my back – somewhat painful when sitting down if you notice the lower part of the shirt…

I am lucky that the rider hit the brakes and went into a skid before hitting me – quick responses on his part, for which I thank him. The fact that he was on the wrong side of the road, going the wrong way (overtaking a long line of stationary traffic), moving fast enough for me not to have seen him coming between looking right and left and stepping out, makes me rather less than thankful.

As it is we both walked away – me with Melissa (who had witnessed the whole thing and was quite shaken) and he with his bike (which was dented and scratched). I am pleased to say that I retained my composure throughout and I gave the chap a hand lifting his rather heavy bike back onto its wheels with the help of another motorcyclist who had stopped to help (my thanks to him for his concern). I felt a little sorry for the rider, who limped away pushing his battered bike, but I was pleased for myself because I was neither dead nor seriously hurt – in fact at the time adrenaline kept me from feeling any hurt at all. Now I’m rather sore.

Needless to say I am a bit more cautious crossing the road and my tolerance for motorcyclists who overtake at speed on busy roads has dropped from low to zero. If I had been a child or someone less chunky then I think that bones would have been broken and a life may have even have been lost. If you ride a motorbike keep that in mind.

4 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Presumably next week’s mystery object will be superceded by a challenge to identify the make and size of the bike from photos of various wounds…

    Really good to hear you’re ok though.

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