13 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #393

  1. Should we assume from this photo (and the one Goatlips linked in the first comment) that the pigments in crustacean “shells” fade with time?

  2. I’ll go along with Joe Vans’s thought that it is a “deep denizen”: the delicate walking legs certainly suggest something that habitually picks its way around in the calmer waters of the ocean depths, and not something that has to cope with the “high energy” environment of the surf zone.

    • Allen, if it is indeed the “Slim Aranea, the poor man’s lobster” I suspect, then some of the photos of the species online were also pale, but others were chestnut coloured, which I think they usually are.
      They’re in the Inachidae (spider crab) family, which seems to consist of 38 genera and almost 1000 species. You might be able to reduce it to the Macropodia genus, which contains 20 species (possibly including the extinct):

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