Friday mystery object #334

Happy Friday 13th! This week I have another diminutive animal (it’s a little under 4mm long) for you to have a go at identifying:


I’m all too familiar with what this is and I’m sure that some of you have been unlucky enough to encounter them before, so cryptic clues as to the identity of this insect would be appreciated, for the sake of those lucky folk who avoided the attentions of this wee beastie.

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #334

  1. Given Paolo’s profession and his “I’m all too familiar with…” remark, I immediately thought of… the critter Wouter van Gestel suggests (and Chris seconds) though I’ve never seen one and don’t know what they actually look like. Trivia: Leigh Van Valen published a short note (with a footnote crediting his cat with providing specimens used in the research) claiming that, from the point of view of the curator of skeletons, small terrestrial isopods (slaters or woodlice or pillbugs depending on where you come from– I think he mentioned by name the marvelously named Amadillidium) are actually better: clean the bones but leave the tendons so you have a skeleton and not just a pile of bones.

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