Friday mystery object #326

Yesterday I was doing some work in the gallery of the Dead Zoo and found a specimen that needs a little light repair work to stick teeth back into sockets. I thought it might make an interesting object for you to have a go at identifying:


Any idea what this piece of mandible might belong to? It’s probably a bit too easy for some of the mystery object veterans, so please keep your suggestions cryptic and, if you’re in the mood, poetic.

Have fun!

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #326

  1. Awake, for Friday, in the bowl of week
    Has flung the post we all came here to seek
    And lo! the curator of the West has caught
    The Sultan’s jawline looking quite un-fleek

    Dreaming, when dawn had staggered to its feet
    I heard the Sultan say “Four ways to eat
    You’ll find, or else the rose will die
    For never can it really feed on meat.”

    The moving finger writes or having typed
    Observes its words and thoughts are quite unripe
    But cannot think of any other clue
    So leaves its caprine thoughts online unwiped.

  2. no mandibular gap
    at the front end i see
    so how could it jump
    so fancy and free
    to be caprine or glee(ful)

    now the most
    unkindest cut of all
    from the post(erior)
    led to teeth that did fall

    but yet all are not flat
    nor meaty in style
    leads me to wonder
    and lack a clear smile

    oh paolo again
    i must confess
    your quizzical puzzle
    has left me a mess
    til friday i’ll wait
    for clarity to regain

    • Thou speakest sooth oh Joe
      That leadeth to evermore woe
      The shaved thin jaw
      (Against the law?)
      Makes me know that I don’t know.

  3. ‘Though the bone’s a disaster
    There’s enough left to answer
    What this rolly polly animal could be
    It might sound a bit funny
    But mix a turtle and bunny
    And you’ll find the bowled over family

  4. A mammal I am? (though I might seem not)
    I am a (probably) a he and I live where it’s hot.
    If I am not fuzzy what can I be?
    Oh, I’m a singularity!

    With my ten little teeth
    in this mandible so neat
    I eat fruits and bugs
    in the tunnels I’ve dug
    – for I dig in the dirt
    and don’t wear a shirt
    though my coat is quite tough
    (but not tough enough).

  5. I think maybe this jaw dissected
    belongs to a species affected
    by a disease biblical
    rhyming is difficult
    hopefully these clues connected.

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