Friday mystery object #301

This week I have a toothy object for you to identify, that I took some photos of for comparison against an enquiry I received from a colleague:


Any idea what this is from?

As usual you can leave your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comments box below. Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #301

  1. On first glance it looks like a cave bear incisor to me… but I wouldn’t like to be quite that specific without some more comparisons.

  2. if i wager a guess, i’d say aquatic at best,
    Rather uncouth, so phallic a tooth,
    Not tiger or bear, the third of the scare,
    Don’t tell me i’m lyin’, if seen to be crying,
    Rather just clueless and wrong

  3. It seems to be either not a canine, or…

    One that has been well used and then spent a long time aging.

    How many hollow canines does one encounter anyway?

  4. Jennifermaccaire–
    Fairly complex shape to the crown: pointed, with a sort of ridge on the ??lingual?? side. So maybe your first suggestion? I think the (lower) canines of bovids (and cervids) tend to be flatter, more incisiform. So if it is a canine from a mammal common in Ireland, I’d prefer your first to your second suggestion.

  5. If it wasn’t for the fact that Friday was the 31st of March, not the 1st of April, I might have suspected Paolo of giving us a human tooth to identify, laughing the while as we flounder around…

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