Friday mystery object #274

Last week I talked about ungulates in collections being incorrectly identified as sheep. This week I have a specimen for you that is also not a sheep, although it does look a bit sheepish. Can you work out what it is?


You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below – I’m not sure they need to be cryptic, but it certainly adds to the fun!

6 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #274

  1. Size would be right for C.c. but ear bones are massive and nose bones go forward a bit too much and braincase proportions at the back are a bit strange. If it’s where I think it’s from, it doesn’t have things that most ungulates there do have, so I think that’s a big clue.

  2. i don’t see clearly visible lacrimal pits so i’d rule out a cervid.

    what strikes me as odd is the extreme pinching of the mandible posterior to the incisors.

  3. The first lower incisor seems downright gigantic in comparison to the rest of the front teeth (two more incisors and an incisiform canine?). That ought to be a giveaway to some people, but not me, I’m afraid.

  4. Spring break pleasure has been stymied by this week’s bone…impressive auditory bullae, paracondylar process smaller than most deer skull’s I’ve seen, occipital condyl decent sized. Oddly shaped first incisors…a puzzler for sure.

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