Friday mystery object #264

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I have recently started a new job as Curator of the Grant Museum of Zoology at UCL. If you’ve never visited, you should pop by, and if you have visited then why not vote for us in the Time Out Love London Awards, preferably right now, since voting closes today. I’d love it if we could beat our heavyweight neighbour, the British Museum!


Moving on to the real subject of the blog, I have finally had a chance to start hunting for specimens in the Grant to see if there are any unidentified items tucked away that might make good mystery objects – and my new colleague Tannis knew just where to look:

Bag o-bones

This bag-o-bones came to us from the Royal Free Hospital and was completely sealed up, making it hard to see inside. For those of you who like a challenge I’ll leave you with just this image, but if you’d like a slightly less tricky image to work from, you can see the single most distinctive part of the specimen here.

Do you have any idea what it might be? It’s pretty easy if you check out the distinctive bit, so please keep your answers cryptic if you can!

Oh, and if you like skulls, you might be interested in my first Specimen of the Week on the Grant Museum blog.

15 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #264

  1. I went straight to Specimen Uncovered. Agree with Joe about the carnassial. So guess, given the size of the specimen that this beastie doesn’t change its shorts (a little Pratchett reference there)…

  2. OK, I’m going to hedge my bet: the depth of bone there suggests to me a different one of the feline branch of carnivores. Does it have a great sense of humour?

  3. Looks remarkably like a specimen I have from a large local feline (local being California) so I doubt it’s that. They cross major freeways but not oceans! I’ll keep looking.

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