Friday mystery object #217

This week I have a rather nice specimen for you to identify:


As usual you can put your questions, thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to respond.

Have fun!

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #217

  1. From the forward-facing eye-sockets this is a primate, and from the dental formula ( an Old World Monkey (New World Monkeys:

    It looks to be an adult as the bones are fused (never sure about this), and from the size of the canines, a male. So, quite small — not one of the Great Apes.

    The eye sockets look too round (particularly above the nose) to be the velvet-rhyming monkey, and conversely not round enough for Jake’s idea.

    Preliminary guess: From the Far East and sounds like it’s fading away.

  2. I’m too distracted by “sounds like fading away” to come up with my own answer! Is there a Doppler Monkey? Other than that I’m stumped.

  3. Hello!!

    I couldn´t understand if anybody did the correct answer, but my first hipotesis when i saw the pictures were that, that skull is from a cebus, perhaps, a Cebus capucinus?? They are so so cute!

    Oh well, really god mystery object, i didn´t participate in a while.

    XOXO from Portugal

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