Friday mystery object #194

This week I have a specimen that’s on display at the Horniman Museum for you to try your hand at identifying:


As usual you can leave your suggestions, observations and suggestions in the comments section below. Enjoy the challenge!

37 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #194

  1. It’s either South American or African. If it’s South American (which I think it is, but I could easily be wrong) nailing it to species level is easy. If it’s African it would be harder to pin down to species. About the only distinctive feature I can come up with to push me toward South America is the apparent absence of a vacuity on the anterior lateral portion of the frontal, but that might the angle – or perhaps it varies with ontogeny.

    My first impression was “Dunkleosteus” too, and I guess it’s no wonder that some early workers thought that the Arthrodires were allied with this group.

  2. Is it an amphibian? it also looks like a fish head from the side but the eye sockets on the top are a bit far apart and what looks like a nose bone.

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