Friday mystery object #172

This week I have another bird skull for identification from my big box of assorted bone. It’s probably a bit too easy, but hopefully it’ll still be fun:

Any idea what it is?

As usual, you can put your comments, questions and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #172

  1. Could this be the elusive ave, once numerous at Tr*f*lg*r Sq**r*, since driven almost to the point of extinction at that particular locality; In New York, it has been known to assault Sticky Bandits at Christmas?

  2. I wonder if this bird may have three common names, one descriptive of its call, one descriptive of its flight style, and one descriptive of its colour, which is green? I saw lots in the Outer Hebrides in May, but don’t think they’ve ever been seen at Trafalgar Square. Certainly scarce in Wales.

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