Friday mystery object #134

This week I have a rather nice specimen for you to identify:

Any idea what this skeleton comes from?

As usual you can leave your suggestions, comments and questions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Good luck!

26 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #134

  1. Is it from Madagascar? It looks like a squirrel head on a little kangaroo body. I can’t believe the length of those tibia! It must rely solely on its hind legs for locomotion, without ever really using its forelimbs.

  2. My first thought was actually ‘springhaas’… but it’s obviously too small for that. Which leaves me with the fact that it has two feet, and, by the looks of it, three toes. Don’t think I can be any more precise than that, though.

  3. I thought I would look up springhaas (when you see it on video, you just want to have one) and found a reference to The Royal Natural History, vol III, which I have here on a high shelf, not often visited. There is a drawing there, page 110 of another animal, which shows a skeleton with a very strange spikey shaped angular process on the mandible, but still not a good match.

  4. “the angle of the lower jaw in D…. is shallow and perforated by a large foramen” Marcus Lyon Jr US National Museum proceedings Vol XXIII Plate XXV has a drawing fig 4. at the end of his Comparison of the osteology of the ………Now I must stop fussing with this and go and walk the dog.

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