Friday mystery object #125

Apologies for the slightly late posting today – it was out Xmas Party last night and an early start was simply beyond me. Another skull, but a bit trickier than last week:

I will try to answer questions and respond to your suggestions during the day, so put them below. Good luck!

18 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #125

  1. Looks pretty small to me, judging by the wall finish behind. The damage to the top of the skull makes me think that maybe there aren’t many specimens around. Could it be from an animal that is extinct, or at least quite rare?

  2. My knee-jerk guess was rodent, but rostrum is too soft and short, and I don’t think the dentition looks right even from this angle. Not mustelid, either. After looking at it a little longer, it looks like a little red bamboo eater that may be omnivorous.

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