Friday mystery object #122

This week I have a skull for you that should be easy to identify to the family level, but may prove a tad more tricky to the species:

As usual you can put your suggestions, comments and suggestions below. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #122

  1. It looks like it has three cheek teeth so I think a cat family.
    It’s about 10cm long, so about the size of a normal cat.
    Is it made of a precious metal ?
    The bottom canines look a bit small.

    • It does indeed have three cheek teeth, so you’re right about the family. However, this isn’t a Golden Cat and it’s a wee bit bigger than your average moggy.

  2. The green and yellow John Deere tractor company has a deer mascot. I say this is the the totem of a certain tractor company whose colors are red, black and white. It may sound like it, but it is neither a Jinx nor a dufus.

  3. Based on the relative roundness of the skull compared to other small members of the group, and the whopping great cusps on the carnassials, my guess would either be something that you spray under your armpits, or a cat from the mid 90s that went to a lot of raves?

  4. Cats are sooo conservative! Dental formula and cranial shape like a bobcat, but you say it is not a bobcat. How about something like Pardofelis marmorata?

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