Friday mystery object #116 answer

On Friday I gave you this skull to identify:

Jake spotted that this was a marsupial’s skull straight away and many of you suggested Kangaroo using a variety of crafty clues. There was also a well reasoned suggestion of Koala that fell just a little short.

Obenedo missed the correct answer by a hair(y nose) but got the right type of animal, as did jonpaulkaiser, Matt King, Jake and Cromercrox.

Neil managed to go that little bit further and get the right species – the Common Wombat Vombatus ursinus (Shaw, 1800).

These nocturnal marsupials are quite large (weighing up to 40kg) and they live in a burrows and feed on vegetation – a bit like a cross between a Badger and a Marmot.

Common Wombat (Vombatus ursinus tasmaniensis) on Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia. By JJ Harrison (

Fossorial mammals tend to be very powerful in order to dig through heavy soil and despite their slow metabolism and air of sleepy cuteness,Wombats can be quite dangerous.

They have a reinforced rump that they use to block their tunnels when chased by a predator, allowing them to kick their attacker in the face and they will aggressively defend their territory – there have also been rare examples of Wombats mauling people.

Don’t mess with the Wombat in combat.

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