Friday mystery object #114

Last week’s object was a bit too difficult – passerine skeletons are tricky to identify. This week I have something a bit easier for you to identify:

Put your questions, comments and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Good luck!

20 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #114

  1. Too long and pointy to be a hawk. At first I thought osprey, but now looking at it makes me think of pan flutes – so I say condor, though it seems a bit small so I say: baby condor.

  2. Okay, if the obvious choice causes one to feel like a turkey, then maybe a lesser xanthicephalic choice would prove to be cathartic? Ha ha, fun with Latin roots. Seriously though, could that be what it is?

  3. Turkey vulture is the one it looks most like on, even though you’ve said it isn’t.

    Is it from cathartidae ? Is it a lesser yellow-headed vulture ?

      • Sorry everyone, my and my mother’s fault. To miss one’s mother’s birthday might just be forgiven, to miss one’s grandmother’s even worse, but when they are on consecutive days …..

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