Friday mystery object #108

This week’s mystery object is a bit more chunky than the birds of the last few weeks:

Any idea what it is?

As usual you can leave your questions, comments and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Good luck!

34 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #108

  1. Hooray for a welcome return of mystery mammals! Not sure about this one – the terminal phalanges don’t look like the hoof-bearing ones on artiodactyls or perissodactyls, or the claw-bearing ones of a carnivoran. It seems about hyrax sized but it’s probably too sturdy. I’d also expect to see sharper (clawish) phalanges on an insectivore, rodent, xenarthran, pangolin or marsupial. It really does look like a hippo, but surely it’s too small? While it’s clearly juvenile (unfused epiphyses), still – are they really THAT pygmy?

  2. I’d have said Artiodactyla and a young/Pygmy hippo but I know paolo has a penchant for marsupials so I’ll say a wombats leg!

    • Great observation. Despite Tapirs being perissodactyls (odd-toed ungulates) they do indeed have an even number of toes on their hind limb. However, this is a forelimb, so it can’t be a Tapir.

  3. It’s not that big really is it? And it’s got a plantigrade foot. Maybe the hind leg off’ve a aardvark or a armadillo or a anteater? Wild guesses there!

  4. Hmmm…it’s modern, right?

    Looks like it’s just a tad chunky for a capybara. I think I’m hopping on the hippo wagon for now.

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