Friday mystery object #96

This week I have an object from the mysterious box NH.83.1 for you to identify:

What do you think this skull belonged to?

As usual you can put your comments, questions and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to answer.

Good luck!

30 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #96

  1. I have to be honest and say my first thought was a dikdik, too, but both that and duiker have been ruled out. That doesn’t leave a lot, especially if its *smaller* than a dikdik. Some new part of the ear, perhaps, or is that rather too small?

    • Oh, I suppose the other option is… um… the sharp needle-horned beastie. (Or its black-eared friend). Although I thought they were similar in size to a dikdik, to be honest.

  2. The teeth give it away as a deer or antelope. Large eyes, by the look of it, which made me think dikdik, but, as the comments above show, that’s not it.

    I think Stephen J. Henstridge got it. Grysbok, I presume? I actually ran out of antelopes I knew and had to start looking some up.

  3. While we await the final revelation, those not familiar with Dutch/Afrikaans might be interested in the origin of some of these names.

    Bok translates to ‘goat’, and gives us the English word ‘buck,’ but has been widely applied to any small horned beast. Thus we have Grysbok (Grey-Goat), Springbok (Jumping-Goat), and Steenbok/Steinbok (Stone-Goat).

    Duiker means ‘diver’ and relates not to water but to their habit of diving into undergrowth when disturbed.

    The Dutch ‘Hert’ is the equivalent of the English hart (stag) and changes its spelling, too, in Afrikaans. Thus Hartebeest is stag-beast.

    Meanwhile, the English word ‘deer’ has its origins in the Dutch “dier” or German “tier,” both of which have the wider meaning of ‘animal.’

    Other names of Dutch origin include Wildebeest (wild-beast), Aardvark (earth-pig), Meerkat (lake-cat), Klipspringer (rock-jumper) and Boomslang (tree-snake).

    Dik-diks are, however, named for the sound they make: “zik-zik.”

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