Friday mystery object #78

This week I’m sticking with small skulls. Rather different to the last one – any idea what it might have belonged to?

As always, you can click on the image for a larger sized version that may help. Speaking of help I will also do my best to answer any questions you may have – just put your comments below. Good luck!

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #78

      • Hmm in that case possibly some sort of Elephant Shrew / Sengi. The teeth are wrong for a Tree Shrew, and its probably too big for “true shrews”.

  1. I think maybe an elephant shrew.

    A lot of other insectivore skulls have jaws where the back bit goes almost up to the middle of the eyes.

    I thought it might be a bat to start with but it wasn’t.

  2. The long snout, small size, and insectivorous-looking teeth suggest to me that its most likely to be an elephant shrew (or “sengi”, to use the more modern name) of some kind.

    • I hadn’t noticed that Jake had got there before me, but there seem to be three of us now agreeing as to the group it belongs – you haven’t contradicted that, so I’m going to operate on the assumption we’re correct. So, which species?

      That’s trickier – I can find images of four different species online, and this doesn’t seem to be any of them! Having said that, the closest match looks to be the short-snouted elephant shrew (Elephantulus brachyrhynchus). The incisors don’t look quite right for that, but I’m going to guess that I’ve hit the right genus, at least.

  3. Re the technical issue. – I used the bookmark on my mobile phone (android) to come here yesterday. This post was listed, but I realised I hadn’t checked on the last answer so went there first. No matter what I did I could not get the newer one back up. I went out of the browser, I tried going into other apps and back … in the end I saw there was a comment listed and clicked that. So I don’t think it’s the cache being full as the database putting up the last thing selected. I’ve experienced that elsewhere. Major pain …

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