Friday mystery object #64

I promised an anthropological mystery object this week, so I begged the @MuseumGeekGirls to keep their eyes peeled for something interesting and here it is:

Many thanks to Laura, Pari, Helen and Nick for finding this and bringing it to my attention!

Simple questions – where’s it from, what’s it for and what’s it made of? It stumped me.

As usual you can put your suggestions, observations and questions in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer. Good luck!

27 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #64

  1. Looks Asian, Chinese?
    no idea what it’s made of, but it looks porous – if so could it be designed to keep whatever liquid is kept inside cool? through evaporation through the fabric of the pot?

    or where the grooves in the pattern are ran some sort of hanging devise and it contained incsence perhaps? strung up from a ceiling or swung about?

    how big is it?

    • Not Ostrich leather – it’s from the wrong part of the world for that. The other side is much the same – the inside has no pores but has irregular ridges on the surface.

  2. It does look like it’s got Chinese seal script on the right hand side…

    So I would guess it comes from either China or any of the surrounding East Asian countries with strong Chinese influences

  3. Is it knitted (or crocheted), from some form of – possibly silk – string?

    I know it sounds pretty daft, but that’s what it most looks like to me!

  4. The base of the stopper looks like it is pleated, as though it’s made of sort of fabric pulled around a former. Having said that, the material looks like dough left to dry out and varnished. Most intriguing.

  5. OK late cos catching up on overnight work I couldn’t do cos broadband went down, so I haven’t opened the comments .. expect I shall feel a twit when I do …
    Egyptian, terracotta, for holding squidgy bits taken out before mummification. I’m sure you couldn’t resist *something* gross. xxx Mummy

  6. Being from that part of the world, it’s not made from bamboo, is it? That might be an obvious and silly suggestion, though! Plus you said it wasn’t wood. Hmm.
    Do you know how old it is?

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