Friday mystery object #63

On Monday I said I may try something cultural, but I’m afraid I lied. This bizarre looking thing caught my eye instead:

Any idea what this is and what it’s from?

As usual, suggestions, observations and questions in the comments section below and I will do my best to provide answers and guidance throughout the day. Good luck!

17 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #63

  1. Is it a trumpeter swan? They have large, convoluted trachea that goes through the sternal keel so that it can act as a resonating chamber.

  2. A swan or a pelican? Looks like some pretty massive muscles were attached to that thing…

    Although, I do like the idea of it being a bizarre accessory of some kind!


  3. If it’s too small to be a big penguin, then isn’t that too small to be a swan? Swans are huge. Pelicans and Swans are two of the biggest birds, ask a pilot who sucked either one into his engines and he’ll tell you. Oh, he can’t. He’s dead.

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