Friday mystery object #64

I promised an anthropological mystery object this week, so I begged the @MuseumGeekGirls to keep their eyes peeled for something interesting and here it is:

Many thanks to Laura, Pari, Helen and Nick for finding this and bringing it to my attention!

Simple questions – where’s it from, what’s it for and what’s it made of? It stumped me.

As usual you can put your suggestions, observations and questions in the comments section below and I’ll do my best to answer. Good luck!

Friday mystery object #25

I think it may be time for a change of tack on the mystery object. In the museum I am often called upon to identify bits of animal used in anthropological artefacts and musical instruments, so here is something that I was presented with by my colleagues Drew and Helen who work in our store building:

Can you work out a) what is it, b) what animal bits it’s made from and c) where it’s from?

Put your answers in the comments section below and feel free to ask me questions about the object – I’ll do my best to respond.

Best of luck!