34 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #56

    • It’s not a fish (although the teeth are fishy looking) and it’s not from a cave – that’s just what’s left over from the skeletonisation process!

  1. First thought was you’d been at my candle wax again …. It looks as though it doesn’t have proper eyes … could it be a mole-rat? Though they have weird front teeth like spades – but it could have lost them, which would rapidly lead to death by starvation I expect.

  2. Unfortunately I haven’t got time to really go through the process here, but I think from that unique skull architecture (that makes it look like it’s been in a cave, as Jake said) we are looking at a CORRECT GROUP?

    No time to run through my logic, so I’ll just plump for CORRECT SPECIES, the CORRECTANSWER and leave it at that.

    Fingers crossed!

  3. Well, it’s certainly not a mammal, because the teeth are isodont. The small size and the absence of much in the way of eyes lead me to think it’s some kind of CORRECT GROUP, (the relative solidity of the skull also fits that, I believe) but as to the species – not a clue.

    • I could be wrong but most/all members of the Delphinidae have isodont teeth, and they are all mammals. Not that it relates to this FMO..

      • Granted, I’m simplifying there, since (as you say) it’s obviously not a dolphin. I think armadillos are fairly isodont, too, but it’s not one of those, either.

      • Some good isodont discussion here – Jamie is definitely on the right track regarding this specimen, although Zigg is also correct in more general terms.

        “Isodont teeth” for those of you without a scientific jargon background, are simply teeth that all look the same. Most mammals have “heterodont teeth” which are teeth that have different forms in different parts of the jaw (the incisors, canines, premolars and molars).

      • So, if I’m on the right track regarding it being an CORRECT GROUP… how to narrow it down? A bit of digging about indicates that the shape of the snout is fairly significant, since most tend to be rounder than that. So, I dunno… CORRECT SPECIES is the closest I can come up with. But I assume there must be plenty others that look fairly similar.

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