Friday mystery object #48

This Friday I’ve taken bit more effort than usual to get a decent picture of a specimen for the mystery object. It’s amazing the difference it makes when you use a tripod and allow a good long exposure. I’m sure you’ll all identify this in no time, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the image while you’re at it – there are few things quite as beautiful as bones:

Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions or just leave your thoughts in the comments section below – I’ll do my best to answer or drop hints as the day goes on. Good luck and I hope you enjoy!

40 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #48

  1. It looks Canis to me or maybe a fox, but not a domestic dog (which apparently have steeper foreheads). The back edge of the eye orbit isn’t right for a bush dog and the skull is quite elongated at the back.

    Is it a juvenile?

  2. Statement of the blindingly obvious – it’s not a cat is it? Obviously not a domestic cat – even Harley’s head isn’t that big – but something like a jaguar or a cheetah?

    • Not a cat – and it wouldn’t be that much bigger than a big domestic cat – maybe Maine Coon sized in length. This isn’t a cat though – at least, not a felid.

    • PS. The story about the otter is that about two months ago me and dad found a dead otter near my village. It had been hit by a car and was a bit stinky. I thought it would be cool to have otter bones, so dad built an otter-rotter out of wire mesh in which we would put the otter, then hide it the woods, then it would rot down, but the bones would stay in the mesh. So we got the otter and put it in the otter-rotter and hid it in woods by the road. Then we went to look at some horses, and then some policemen arrived. Dad went up to see them, and they asked him if he had seen a dead otter, because they had been told to collect it in case it had been shot. Dad told them he had hid it in the woods to get the bones and the police officers told dad he might be in trouble because no-one is allowed to have otters or otter bones. So dad gave them the otter, but he didn’t really get in trouble which is okay because my dad is cool. But I think he was silly for telling them where he hid it.

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