Friday mystery object #14

Last week I let Harrison pick an object that proved a bit too difficult (although perhaps I could have been more generous with the clues I gave…). This week I am giving you something that is actually alive and commonly found in gardens in the UK – so it should be a doddle to identify:


Simple questions – what species is it (binomial name gets you kudos) and what sex is it?

Answers in the comments section below – but I’m afraid I won’t be able to respond to comments this week. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #14

    • Too quick for me! I’ve changed the text of your answer to white, so it’s still there, you just need to highlight it to see it. Let’s give the non-biology types a chance! (Since posting the answer I changed the altered text to grey.)

  1. As a non-biologist I think it’s a grasshopper cos I think they’re green and crickets are brown. (Opportunity for AAB members to explain the actual differences!) And I think that’s an ovipositor so it’s female

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