Friday mystery object #13 answer

Crumbs, it appears that last Friday’s object stumped everyone! Harrison certainly chose a difficult one…

mystery13aSmallCasserole came closest, asking:

Is it antler or horn?

but my response:

Antler or horn that thick?

was perhaps too ambiguous – because there is a horn out there that is this thick, that of a rhinoceros.

The fibres that Carmenego spotted are the compacted hairs that rhino horn is composed of, and the horn core that SmallCasserole was expecting does exist – just not in this section, which is taken from just a bit higher up the horn.

Some good deductions there – you just missed the coup de grace! An easier one this week perhaps?

One thought on “Friday mystery object #13 answer

  1. I do think you should mention that you showed the pictures round, just on your gphone, at a family gathering yesterday and your aunt and cousin, neither of whom has any science training whatsoever, got this and earlier #FMOs almost instantaneously.

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