Friday mystery object #459

This week I am have a great guest mystery object from Andy Taylor for you to have a go at identifying:

Image by Andy Taylor, 2023
Image by Andy Taylor, 2023
Image by Andy Taylor, 2023
Image by Andy Taylor, 2023

Here’s what Andy says about the specimen:

On Sunday, myself and Sophie Bagshaw were working through specimens that were donated to me from a person who had been given them by a zoological park. The specimen in question was part of a huge shipment of almost 140 frozen specimens that were in various states of preparation and were mostly head specimens. … I have a large rodent skull that I’m struggling to ID

Andy and Sophie have been doing great stuff with osteology for educational purposes for a while now, so it was a real pleasure to get a question like this, and it seems like a perfect opportunity for the community here to add their thoughts.

So, what do you think it is? Let us know below!

12 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #459

  1. A bit big, and the orbits much too round, to be the North American Er……. do…… (sorry, I’m no more cryptic than Wouter!). The outlines of the molar/premolar teeth don’t seem quite right for an African species with a similar common name that I found on the WWWeb. But definitely (thank you, Kateedmonson, for the puns) hystricarical!

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