Friday mystery object #454

This week I’m back onto skulls for the mystery object – it’s been a while! Any idea what this handsome fellow from the Dead Zoo might be?

I’m sure that this won’t pose too much of a challenge for the more seasoned bone geeks among you, so why not try to keep the answers cryptic, so everyone can have a go at working it out. Have fun!

7 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #454

  1. Not that it helps with identification (on which I find what I think is the suggestion of previous posts plausible), but look at the (upper) incisors. 1 and 2 are are about the same size (and look like the incisors of assorted Carnivorans), but 3 is huge: as if it was trying to be an auxiliary caniniform in front of the real canines!
    … and the post-canines are reduced: doesn’t chew its food much, I suppose.
    … all, it seems to me, plausible developments for the lifestyle of the beasties Wouter et al are (I think) suggesting.

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