8 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #417

  1. General shape suggestive of deer, etc … but UPPER INCISORS!
    Combination of features seems to rule out all the obvious EUtherian orders. Bigfootidae?
    (Note holes in palate, and in-turned angle of denture. I’m pretty sure of the infraclass. For family, it looks very much like an image on the WWWeb. Narrowing it down to species may take a while: thank you for including the ruler for size!)

  2. (Having noticed a lot of little holes in the palate… This skull lacks the BIG holes in the palate that many Metath. have. Including at least one congener of the species I’ve guessed.)

  3. Well, I had guessed (without looking at enough to be confident) the gray one. Seeing comments from Wouter and Katedmonson…
    The shape of the lower margin of the lower jaw looks a bit more greyish than reddish to me. But on the basis of half a dozen or fewer skull photos on the WWWeb… I’m still not really sure.

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