Friday mystery object #413

This week I’ve been packing some of the Dead Zoo’s beautiful Blaschka glass models, that were moved during our decant and have been sitting in my office waiting to be dealt with:

Most of the Blaschka models we have are well identified and many even have the number that they were given for ordering in the Catalogue of Glass Models of Invertebrate Animals, Ward’s Natural Science Establishment, by H. A. Ward, Rochester, N.Y., 1878.

However, as is sometimes the case with old collections, there has been a degree of dissociation of information from the specimens and one or two of our models have lost their data. This little squid is one such specimen.

I managed to track down the modern accepted name for this specimen, which is very different to the name used by the Blaschka’s when they made and sold this model. With that original name I was even able to figure out the order number from the Ward catalogue. I enjoyed the detective work and I hope you do too!

Let’s see if you all come to the same conclusion about this specimen as I did. I’ve added a couple of extra images below to help you in your quest. Have fun!

10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #413

  1. I think I’ve worked it out, so as to not give everything away I’ll use initials. I’m guessing it was sold as E. o. but is now A. v. ?
    From the family I think translates as “Not armoured squids”

  2. Oh my my! I can’t believe you have one if Blaschka’s models!!!
    Wow! Be sure people look up the amazing story about this man and his son and the unrivaled artwork for the scientific world they created!

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