17 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #409

    • Boo! I thought I was first! Paolo – Adam is your winner. I spent too long thinking it was a stupid narluga (of which there’s only one, ever, and it’s actually a belwhal). ☺️

  1. I’m not quite desperate enough to go with narluga just yet – which is a thing, apparently.
    But I that’s the closest so far amongst the “toothed whale skulls.”

    • Maybe it’s a belwhal (like the original narluga actually was)? The lack of top teeth is suspicious – narwhals only have a (left side) tusk (rarely, they can actually have 2 tusks), and no teeth.

    • We have moved away from the hybrid freaks. It’s a real species. Not a narluga, a belwhal – although that’s what I thought – or a wholphin (LOL). There may still only be one narluga in history (and that’s actually a belwhal).

  2. I am assuming Goatlips has it right. Comment: isn’t it weird that such closely related species (the subfamily including this one) should have such very different dental arrangements? Having visible teeth only in the lower jaw isn’t a unique feature of this species: think Physeter. So maybe we should think of the species to which this skull belongs as being to the Orca … sort of what Physeter is too Livyatitan. But WHY?

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