Friday mystery object #382

This week I have bird skull for you to have a go at identifying:


Any idea what it might be? This specimen is 77mm long and was found in the UK, in case that helps.

As always, you can leave your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comments section below. Have fun!

19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #382

  1. For no good reason I wonder if it is a wader, or associated with fish.

    (Either that or it’s a marsupial – look at that upper palate and those auditory bullæ!)

  2. My first thought was proving difficult to justify, it not being a bird normally associated with the UK (not in itself a problem – things get blown in) but then I remembered an early album by my favourite folk musician (Martin Carthy) and checked those. Seems to be a version found around the lonely islands.

  3. If I’ve got it right, I always think these birds look like they’re sun worshiping and celebrating life as I see them standing on bouys with their wings outstretched- Latin name sounds like it was conceived by a roman with a stutter!

  4. On second thoughts-way too small! It was shear impetuousness to jump in so quickly and water down Hilary and Palfreyman’s previous learned comments

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