11 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #377

  1. The tympanic bullae make me think of mustelids. All the premolars are there, maybe Martes genus. But there are many species. Maybe too big for the fishing one. The American and European ones are the smallest but I don’t have morphological criteria

  2. So not one of the “United” family, but rather one from the Wild Wood who took over Toad Hall? Is that the consensus?

  3. Low, but perceptible, sagittal crest, and it looks to me as if the side view (top photo) shows nuchal crests as well. And skull roof sutures fully closed. I take it that this time we at least have a grown-up?

  4. In the bottom photo, the close-up of the teeth, it looks as if the upper carnassial is a bit “outboard” (further from the centre-line of the skull) than the teeth in from of it. In my attempts to figure out Paolo’s previous puzzles, I’ve looked at pictures of a bunch of Carnivoran skulls: this feature (the apparent outboard placement of the upper carnassial) is one I’ve noted in a number of Canids and Mustelids, but not in other families. Though I don’t put much faith in this subjective impression.

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