Friday mystery object #366

This week I have a small (~3mm long) and somewhat dusty mystery object for you:



Any idea what this little charmer might be?

You can put your suggestions in the comments below – if you think you know the species then cryptic clues, rhymes, poems and anecdotes are all very welcome ways to share your knowledge. Have fun!

11 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #366

  1. May I ask a question, an entire non sequitur, but….?

    When my kitten wants entertainment she charges into my shins, and, no matter how hard her impact, seems to take no harm. So my question to the only (and best) group of anatomists I know is this: are feline clavicles especially tough (or “strong”) so that they can be “impact” predators or territorial possessors?

    Are their shoulders the equivalent of Bighorn or Cape Buffalo or Musk Ox heads?

  2. I’m thinking woodworm beetle. Probably one of the Tricorynus species, based on head shape. Not a good thing to find in a collection unless it’s a collection of woodworm beetles…

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