9 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #360

  1. Ah! Paolo, you’re such a fun guy but, like a gangster, are you trying to coral us into a stance on this solitary piece of polyp fiction without mushroom of getting out? I’ll watch my knee-caps and hope I’m not sleeping with the fishes like this specimen!

  2. Radial symmetry only occurs in the non-bilateria and the echinoderms, right? And Chris seems to be suggesting it is one of the former. Since, were it a jelly, it is upside down, I too will go for polyp fiction. Isn’t it a bit large for a single specimen though?

  3. Seems to me the traditional Hawai’ian name for similar solitary specimens makes reference to the similarity of the living animal to a feminine form? But I’m not clever enough to come up with a veiled reference that isn’t also vulgar.

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