Friday mystery object #358

Another Friday, another mystery object. This week I’m going back to my favourite subject – skulls. This particular specimen has been brought in to the Dead Zoo for identification by customs and although I’ve narrowed it down, I’m still not 100% sure of the species just yet:


It’s a fairly straightforward genus for anybody who knows their ungulates, so cryptic clues are appreciated. However, the species is harder to work out, so bonus points for detail. Have fun!

9 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #358

  1. It doesn’t have scimitar horns and is over 400mm long which I think narrows it down to one of two species… Now to find a way of differentiating between those two…

  2. Genuinely Excited to see one i Might know for a change! Species i can’t do, But i think i’m OK on genus, at least!

  3. I was eager to claim one of two precious gems, but after reading Lee etal 2013 (who referenced Groves & Grubb 2011), it seems there are probably three gems to seek and few rules to mark the way! Rings may call up the correct one, but booking it over to a bone library might just show it in their catalog. But, as they say in real estate, a good location can be half the selling point.

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