Friday mystery object #350

This week marks a minor milestone for my blog – the 350th mystery object. Thanks to everyone who comes to take a look at the specimens I’ve been sharing from the various museums I’ve worked in over the years. I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

This week I have a funky specimen from the Dead Zoo for you to have a go at identifying:20170213_113309-01.jpeg

It stands around 17cm high, including the crest, which is a particularly striking feature to be preserved on a skeleton.

Any ideas what this is? As usual, you can put your questions, observations and suggestions in the comments below. Most importantly, have fun!

16 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #350

  1. The shape of legs and sternum tells me this is a passerine, I cannot judge the size, but looking at the crest and thge short, blunt bill my first thought is a Cotinga. Too bad I’ll go abroad for a week later today, so I won’t have an opportunity to ID this one, which is right up my alley, any further.

  2. 350 mysteries? Well done!

    Well, I could be wrong and might bomb this one, but perhaps if I wax poetic, I could wing it a bit.

  3. I started with cotingas, then bowerbirds, pittas, birds of paradise, waxwings, auklets, and finally semi-random googling of branches of a phylogenetic tree, and came out confused. I’ll say parotia, but all I really know is how little I want to do my actual work.

  4. Nope. I’ve got nothing. I thought one of the Vangidae but doubt I’m close.

    Congratulations on your 350th Paolo: many hours of entertainment and education for us.

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