21 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #323

  1. Cutie! Face like a meerkat but paws like an arboreal thingy. What a lovely birthday treat for me. Goes away to think and cheat as much as possible

  2. Are the eyes of this taxidermy specimen the correct size? Or did someone get a couple of slightly too big buttons out of the box?
    And I note the prominent vibrissae. Cats and dogs and mice and their relatives have vibrissae, but I don’t hunk of primates as having noewothy ones. Or do Strepsirhines?

  3. O.k., at least some Strepsirhines have prominent vibrissae. And the fingers look a lot more primate-ish than carnivoran.
    Looking for more clues… The ears on this one are tiny. (If I’m interpreting RobinBirra’s “Hedge infant?” right, I’d say no: that one has much bigger ears.)
    But there are a lot of other Strepsi species to choose from. Some (“Diminutive Capucin” as a not too cryptic hint for some of them) have small ears, though so far I haven’t found an image that quite matches this one.
    Oh. And I’ll bet the fur has faded with the years.

    • Agree, I think, on dim’cap. Relying on faded fur hypothesis to have masked the otherwise distinctive line of white running through the centre of the face. I have a target species based on a youtube video but, by all accounts this genus is particularly hard to separate into species by visual id alone. (If I’m right about what it is at all.)

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