25 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #290

  1. It’s in shadow, so not as visible as it could be (given the colour of the backdrop and my computer’s screen…), but look at the angular process of the dentary. Inflected angles are often said to be a hint at infra-class affinities of mammals, so…
    If I interpret him right, then, I think I’m going with Chris.

  2. Now I’d like to see a specimen with the flesh and skin, but with the hair shaved off: one thinks of these critters as having very wide, comparatively flat, faces, and I don’t think I would have guessed that they would have that particular stereotyped image from the skull. … Though I guess the relatively short rostrum could be a tip-off. Thanks, Paolo, for posting this!

  3. “Hey fuzzball…can I have som gum? My sister, Myrtal, likes it. ”
    Too obscure? Hmmm. It’s from a tough little ocker that I hear isn’t too bad to dissect since they smell like a hip pad from the 1970’s. And they like to go to the cinema with us.

  4. UmmmM.. Wondering. (Batty thought.) Maybe we were mistaking a close relative for a … So searched web for skull of the cousin: different enough that I’m confident we had the right member of the family. But (mmm)… there is a distinct family resemblance: even the woeful windows at the back of the palate.

    • The Defenestration of Prague, eh?

      Hope Paolo won’t feel the need to mod this, but the best story I heard about the cousin you speak of was from a New Zealand paper that reported a man (about six years ago?) called the police to report he had been raped by the cousin. They went over to his place and found him, how shall we say, tired and emotional.

      It had a happy ending as he claimed he had no physical damage from the attack, but was now unable to speak in anything but a Strine accent!

      True story.

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