Friday mystery object #283

This week I have a mystery object for you that’s a bit different from the usual. Any idea what this zoomed in picture is showing?


It’s probably a bit of a tricky one, so if you want an extra image that makes it much easier you can click on this link for a bonus clue.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below – I’d love to find out your thoughts and let me know if you needed the clue. Have fun!

13 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #283

  1. Well, the bird skulls linked to are pretty convincing, so I will just concede defeat. My initial thought was something marine, many-limbed, invertebrate, and capable of spectacular colour changes. The skeletal structures from such creatures that I have seen are much less frothy, but I thought there might be a species which…

  2. Beautiful! This one really resonates with us. To celebrate it’s beauty we’ll open a casque to celebrate. What do you think?

    We’ll have to go with genus A. based on the size of the thing.

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