Friday mystery object #275

This week I have a genuine mystery skull for you to identify from the Grant Museum of Zoology:


I think I know what it is, but I’d be keen to see if you agree with me.Probably a bit on the easy side, so please keep your answers cryptic to avoid spoiling the fun for others!

Oh and apologies for the substandard photos – I used my phone with a tripod, which sort of worked, but it’s not ideal. Hope it’s good enough for you to make an identification!

8 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #275

  1. Some wonderful parts on this critter – three interorbital foramen in the thin septum (yes?), long thin jugal bones, that nice thin nasal aperture. I’m pretty sure I know what it is…but sometimes I can be a bit gullible…a bit ‘brown headed’. Did I mention grandma’s from Bologna and grandpa’s from Sicily? Have I covered it?

  2. Size is everything with salt glands like that… too big to be the smallest, to small to be the commonest, too bulky to be the one with the darkest head… I’m plumping for the one with three fingers…

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